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The application works on SAAS model, and the customer is billed on the number of employees enrolled for salary processing.

Thus, there is no upfront huge investments that the company has to make towards the cost of the application, nor does it have to invest in the hardware to host the application, and needs to pay till the time they find the application useful.

Both the parties i.e. the developer herein AV Solutions and the company taking the service, hereafter referred as Client sign an NDA, and on termination of the contract the Client is given the backup of the data which is the actual property of the Client.

Alternate Pricing

The Client availing the service can also pay a monthly lumpsum amount if the number of employees is very high in number.

All the payments need to be done in advance, and upon failure to make the payment within the due date, the services remain suspended till the time the dues are not cleared.